Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Features and Excess of Apple IOS 6 Operating system

Apple officially released its latest operating system iOS 6 on the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco, United States. This OS will be available on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple TV.iOS does routinely give iOS updates every year. Even since the iOS was introduced in 2007.But the Apple iOS updates makes it clear that this should only be available on the next-generation iPhone 3GS, iPad 2 and new iPad (iPad 2), fourth-generation iPod Touch and Apple TV.However, some of these features may not be available on all Apple products. For a while, Apple released iOS 4 in Beta.There are 12 traits of an excess of iOS 6:

1.increase in Siri
Application command has been improved, including the Series should take orders in China and Korea as well as several other languages

2. Facebook Integration
In Cisco iOS versions 5, Twitter has been integrated. Currently, Facebook's turn that appears in iOS 4.
This integration allows Apple users to be integrated with Facebook contacts and notification for the message on Facebook.
To write a status on Facebook was no need to open the application, quite like writing an sms, and then click post.
Next friend on Facebook could also see apps in the App Store which is preferred (Like). So too may see his calendar are birthdays automatically

3. Phone
At the front of the phone, Apple added new features, such as may be directly without the need to write a reply to a SMS message (quick messages). This makes it easy for users to make calls when not allowed back.
There is also a fashion "Don't Disturb" which allows users to turn off all incoming calls, messages and schedule. However it is still possible to receive calls on people of any desired (not included in the blacklist).
Interestingly, the user may set up again when someone else do call upon us for twice in a certain period, then a second call will be immediately accepted.

4. Face Time
FaceTime is an application created for users of iOS devices that functions as Video Calling.
Using FaceTime, all users of Apple's creation, such as the iPad 2, iPhone 4 or 4S, iPod Touch, and Mac, can connect and interact with each other directly.
For example, when a user receives a call message to the iPhone, then the user must answer it in Mac or iPad.

5. Safari
Safari Browser has been updated by adding iCloud tabs (though different viewings in Chrome). When you try to model the user may open landscape, full-screen browser.

6. Can share photos
To share photos, Apple has introduced a service "Share Photo Streams" since last year. Users can also download the tag friends in photos, like in Facebook, so service photo friends will also be able to photograph it.

7. Mail
For the delivery of mail (especially email), iOS users may add 6 already (attachment) videos and photos.

8. Passbook savings
Apple will immerse new traits, Passbook savings. This features allows the user to gain access in one place, such as boarding passes, reward cards, movie tickets and other things that can be done with barcodeponsel.

9. Guided Access
This features allows users to selectively disable only certain parts of an application or a particular hardware button. It is intended for use by device users with special needs.

10. leave a Google Maps
Apple has already started to leave Google Maps and will be the focus of developing discrete Maps independently.
To that end, Apple has purchased the company (syarikat) named C3 Technologies that move in the field of technology or 3D maps called FlyOver, which should display in 3D cities around the world.

11. Lost Fashion
Allows users to send to the device's phone number is missing. Anyone who finds the device, can directly call the number back (even if its found device is a good guy and intends to return the device discovery).

12. special features of China
Special markets China, Apple will be adding special integration Baidu, Sina, Tudou and Youku made into Weibo circuit (the largest social networking site in China).
Apple is also promising improvements to text input, while China built in Chinese dictionary.That's New Features and excess of IOS 6 Operating system

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