Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Apple Will Release Iphone 5 on september 21,2012 ?

Rumors about the presence of the iPhone 5 seems to never stop. This time, rumours mention Apple will be introducing iPhone 5 on September 21.
Citing a source page DailyMail, in China close to Apple about this date to inform a French site, App4Phone. A source who claims to be from manufacturing to this claim gets Apple accessories that date directly from the ' insiders ' Apple.
In addition to the date, that source also mentions the latest iPhone is still using the old port, so the old accessories can still be used. Other information, iPhone 5 rumored to be using the 3.75 inch screen. In addition, there will be a change in socket for headphones from top left to bottom left.
Though latest iPhone screen it would be bigger, but it's much smaller than a smartphone. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S III and One that uses HTC X 4.8 inch screen.
Previously, reports DigiTimes last call Pegatron who became one of the mines, it started the production of Apple. Pegatron also called will soon be working on iPad Mini.
But until now, Apple has yet to give any confirmation about the iPhone 5. Even so, Apple acknowledged a number of rumours of the presence of the iPhone 5 iPhone 4S influenced sales.
"Rumors of new iPhone cause consumers to postpone buying an iPhone (that is," said Apple Chief Financial (CFO), Peter Opppenheimer, when Apple announced financial statements in the third quarter, said yesterday

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