Monday, July 30, 2012

Features of Nokia 808 PureView

Nokia 808 PureView pupuler as the best camera at this time. By carrying out the 38MP camera, making everyone wonder, how great popularity. The following review attempts to describe features of the existing camera on nokia 808 PureView.
The camera is the main reason everyone is interested in nokia 808PureView. After testing, which has a resolution of 41MP smartphone is able to beat the Olympus E-PL2 and level of detail commensurate with the 5D Mark III DSLR camera.
  • Rare Features
1/1.2'' sensor image at a resolution of 41 mp, only able to walk to a maximum of 38MP image in 4:3 mode and 16:9 mode 34MP on. Features of this camera is equipped with Xenon flash. In this case, 808 PureView be one smartphone that offers this feature. Another rare feature is the built-in neutral density filter, capable of helping the scane is too bright.
  • User Interface
Camera interface is quite simple. Along the right edge of the viewfinder, you will find the transition a camera / video, virtual shutter and shortcuts gallery. For example, C2 8MP is a custom setting # 2, 8MP resolution. The left edge of the camera changes, depending on which mode is enabled as default.
  • Mode
There are 3 modes to choose from is automated, to the normal channels and shooting experience. Scane, if you want to control. Last is Creative, which puts the user as a creator, except in full resolution, all modes have the benefit of the pixel oversampling and digital zoom.
  • Zooming
Nokia has found a clever and practical way to enlarge the image, or so-called'' zoom'' slide. Simply put the finger on the screen and dance up to increase and down to decrease. Can also use the volume rocker.
  • Performance in low light
Nokia 808 PureView have used a decent performance in low light. In dim lighting, the Nokia 808 PureView create sensors with a large amount. In a full 38MP resolution, good enough results. Noisi or only limited levels of noise exposure is acceptable. Switch to a lower resolution mode 8MP, you get the picture virtually free noisi up to ISO 400 and can also be used at ISO 800.

Although many great features on the Nokia 808 PureView, but this smartphone still has some drawbacks, including:
  1. Still use the Symbian operating system, in the midst of android smartphone.
  2. NHD resolution is not worth the 4-inch screen
  3. This phone is quite large and heavy
  4. The use of third party applications are limited.

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